The Tara McCarthy team and our agents provide one-stop shopping for all your needs, whether you’re buying, selling, renovating or relocating.

New Builds

In conjunction with a highly regarded niche builders, our team can find that newly renovated estate home, or that perfect building lot to create your dream home from scratch. No on else can get the ball rolling on your new build like Tara McCarthy and her team. It is very important when you are buying a piece of land or existing home that needs renovations, that your agent is well versed on the permit applications and restrictions that may arise after the sale being completed. Our team has extensive knowledge to mitigate any problems that may arise before and after the sale.


If you are looking to renovate, our team is the one to count on. Agents will properly assess your home and property, offering expert advice on improvements, additions and expansions. Their knowledge of local regulations is unparalleled, so rest assured they will point you in the right direction. Agents are well versed in planning policies, building permit requirements, grading, and Conservative Authority regulations on wetlands, watercourses, floodplains, and more. Their expertise sets them apart from all other members of The Canadian Real Estate Association.

Relocation Services

We can help you with all your corporate relocation needs, securing an exclusive home and property in the GTA or abroad. Our clients benefit from world-class expertise in residential and commercial real estate in the GTA and overseas. With access to the world, you don’t need to look anywhere else for purchases, rentals or long-term leasing arrangements.

Financing & More

Tara McCarthy can help you with private lending and other financial services. We also have access to leading real estate lawyers to help with all the necessary paperwork.

Our team has redefined real estate services. We are not just top-notch agents but complete service providers. We take charge of making your dreams come true, and make sure your moves are hassle free.

We believe in living

We believe in living

Our team is standing by to learn more about the unique character of the home you’re trying to sell, or the specific requirements you have for the the home you’re looking to buy. Our passion and our expertise are deeply rooted in extraordinary living, and we can’t wait to learn more about your unique goals.

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